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OC people

These are the heros of Ovarian Cancer:

Kathy Bates, Oscar-winning American actress

Raelene Boyle, Australian athlete

Diem Brown, Reality TV star (MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, as well as MTV's documentary of her experience with the disease)

Carol Channing, American stage and musical comedy actress

U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

Amanda Dempsey, mother of American actor Patrick Dempsey

Joyce Kulhawik, American film critic and Boston television personality; former TV co-host of movie critic Leonard Maltin

Heather Menzies, Canadian-born actress, most famous for portraying Louisa in The Sound of Music

Shannon Miller, American Olympic gold-medalist gymnast

Bess Myerson, Miss America (1945)

Connie Needham, American dancer and former actress

Joyce Wadler, New York journalist and New York Times columnist

Angela Winbush, American rhythm and blues vocalist

     From the long list at Wickipedia
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