The Lemon Tree Fund
Making Lemonade -
one survivor at a time
Lemon Tree Fund - When life brings you lemons, make lemonade!

SPECIAL:  Help "Rule Out Ovarian Cancer"
Get free magnetic rulers <here>

Are y
ou an Ovarian Cancer survivor? Are you or someone you know going through chemo?

 Don't those co-pays hit you when you really don't need any more hassles?

The LemonTreeFund is here to pay those $20 copays to women going through chemotherapy

Put a little sunshine in someone's day by donating.

We can't pay your deductibles nor your hospital bills, but when life gives you lemons, we help you make lemonade!

I am an 8-year survivor of ovarianc cancer and want to hear from you.  Send me an e-mail at
"gayle hitchcock at comcast dot net" (you have to take out the "at" and "dot" get it)
Sept 2014 UPDATE:
We are also spreading the word to watch for the early signs of ovarian cancer through the distribution of magnetic rulers to "Rule Out Ovarian Cancer" first rather than dismissing the early signs.

So, please consider a small contribution today to keep the Lemon Tree growing!

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